Feature: filter/search lists (e.g. My Pending Files, rule lists, event lists)

I’m envisioning the ubiquitous search box, such as you see in iTunes, added to any window displaying a list. There would be a text entry box for the query and a dropdown to select which field to search (including all fields). The list would update as you type; search buttons add an unneeded step.

Not sure how the iTunes search box works but it sounds like a good plan to me. Browsing through lists in CIS is a bit of a chore.

there’s this, https://forums.comodo.com/defense_wishlist/two_more_requests-t32440.0.html
read my post in that thread,
I don’t know if that is on all the lists I don’t have comodo installed at the moment.

It’s been almost three years, but I still very much want this feature.

@Gizzy: that feature is autocomplete, rather than a search.

Same topic https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis/search-field-and-grouping-for-networkcomputer-security-policies-t51661.0.html - 40 voters!!!

Looks like this could be a top-requested function…