Feature comparison

Hello all.

I’ve recently reinstalled everything on my laptop because i upgraded the hard drive. I took the opportunity to get rid of Norton because it was slowing things down so much and stumbled across Comodo as recommended on another site.

I’ve downloaded and installed Firewall Pro and when it first ran, it gave me the opportunity to upgrade to Firewall Pro Plus. I also downloaded the beta of Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Antimalware to install. Now reading more information I’m confused what I should install.

What I’d like is a simple feature comparison of the products. For instance. do I need Comodo Antivirus as well as Comodo Firewall Pro Plus? Do I need Comodo Antimalware at all? I’d like to install as little software as possible to keep things fast. If Comodo Firewall Pro Plus will do it all then I’ll upgrade at once.

Your expert comments would be appreciated!

Hey Mark Welcome to the forums!

Comodo Fire wall pro = FREE
Comodo fire wall pro plus = PAID

Now, they do the same thing - how ever the plus version will give you support from experts that work for comodo if your computer gets infected. They both offer the same protection, nothing is watered down.

As for an AV, Comodo Anti virus 2 is NOT in development. However, Comodo Anti virus 3 (and comodo internet security) is expected to be released later this month! fingers crossed
Until then… you can use another product, Visit Here;


Wow - that’s the fastest I’ve ever had a response on a forum. So do you recommend that I stick with just Firewall Pro for now and wait until the combined suite is released?

That’s totally up to you, It depends what type of user you are… If you do risky activities on your computer, You’d be better off to get another free av until Comodo anti virus comes out.

Firstly, sorry this thread was posted in the wrong area. Newbies! My surfing habits are always honorable so I’ll stick to the firewall for now until the combined thing comes out.

Can I confirm therefore …

Comodo firewall will stop viruses getting in (or out)
Comodo antivirus will find viruses already on the computer.

If your using Comodo fire wall and deference+ , You won’t get a virus unless you download it. and if you download it, Defense+ will alert you it’s trying to run, if you allow it to run… well… your screwed.

No problem.

BTW… The expected release for CIS is now end off July.