Is free download manager for Win 7 64 IE 9 too?

I installed it on XP 32 & made a portable but the portable didn’t worked on win 7 & gave the error like cannot install in IE.

Does this mean for portable to work on win 7 64 IE I have to make a portable on 64 edition systems only?

If I install FDM it works fine in Win 7 64, IE 9.

The portable version doesn’t works & gives error like IE cannot initialize or install fail in IE.

Any info/solution?

It doesn`t work on the 64Bit version of IE but should on the 32Bit. Check out there forum you will get more people who use the product helping you.


Here the portable version is not working on 32 bits IE.

I would suggest following the link that Matty posted.

It’s always better to ask questions regarding a product on their own support forum, rather than the support forum of a completely unrelated product. The odds are much better that you will encounter someone who can help you there, than you will here.