FBI uninstall commands....


In a declaration filed with the district court, FBI special agent Kenneth Keller said the bureau has [u][i][b]issued approximately 19,000 uninstall commands[/b][/i][/u] to infected computers of two dozen identifiable victims in the United States. The FBI said it obtained written consent from all 24 victims, and that none reported any adverse or unintended consequences from the uninstall commands.

How does those “uninstall commands” work?
Were they a part of a .bat file, a specialized program that required PC owner to run or what?
And would Comodo intercept this FBI tool, even if it was for the good cause?

The FBI used a substitute command and control server to issue an uninstall command for the infected computers. PDF

Under the circumstances, it does not appear that further reductions in the size of the Coreflood Botnet can be accomplished without resort to [b]other remediation techniques, such as a "blanket" uninstall of Coreflood[/b] 5 Case 3:11-cv-00561-VLB Document 56 Filed 06/14/11 Page 5 of 7 from all infected computers.
I was aware they used C&C dedicated server. My question is: How does that uninstall command work, does it go via e-mail, vulnerability of OS or some program or via remote-desktop session with the user? How did the infected users get that uninstall command?

The most common method is via IRC. Once the bot has take hold on the infected PC, it connects to the C&C via IRC, although it can use http and udp.

I get it, thanks!!! :-TU