FBI, DEA warn IPv6 could shield criminals from police

The FBI, DEA, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police say IPv6 may erode their ability to trace Internet addresses – and warn new laws may be necessary if industry doesn’t do more.

What a joke… Here we go… Like criminals don’t hide already…

Hmm… by criminals, they probably mean copyright offenders. :slight_smile: :wink:

Well in that case it’s over 80% of ppl online! LOL! I think they also mean hackers and organised crime.

The latter would be using proxies and other measures to stay invisible to the best of their abilities…

Many of the earlier does too, besides proxies aren’t COMPLETELY safe but still much better than nothing. I can’t give a source but I remember hearing and reading about police raiding people connected to “bad stuff” on the tor network, but as I said I can’t give a source on that so I’m not even sure it actually happened.

Edit: I mean I’m sure I read about it but I’m not sure they were telling the truth.

It’s true.

That’s not a problem for police, to bind own rootkit to some “illegal data”. If someone will catch a hook, then one’s will get troubles.