Faxes from Europe 800 number does not work? Solution ???

Unable to receive faxes from France on my 866 number ? Just found out after using Trust Fax for over a year. Number appears to be blocked to overseas faxes…

Trustfax toll-free number can accept from the US and Canada.
To receive a fax you would need a fax number which is not limited such as a toll-free number is limited to where calls can be accepted from.
A local fax number would not have the limitations of the toll-free number or the benefit of no long distance charge to the sender of the fax. But the local number will accept faxes from Europe.
Trustfax will offer local US fax numbers in July 2007. You will be able to signup for a local number fax plan or switch your current toll-free number plan to a local number plan.
Until the local number plans are released you will not be able to receive faxes from Europe.


Local US numbers have been available since the summer. Here is a link to the current states, area codes and prefix (cities) that are available: www.trustfax.com/faxnumberlist.asp