fax via smartphone email problem

I can send/recieve faxes with my desktop email account,
can send/recieve faxes via smartphone email (by typing username and code lines myself)
It is very inconvenient type the same text (username, code …) every time.

So far I found only option to reduce amount of typing when sending fax via email on Smartphone: by using predefined text (in Windows Mobile 6 Outlook).
When I compose fax with this predefined text, faxes do not go through.

UPDATE: some faxes sent from Smartphone email go through, but in 20 hours…

Is any better way to create a template e-mail?

Second problem: Windows Mobile 6 Outlook predefined text can be defined only as one line. Can I create a username, code … predefined header that consists of a single line?
Is any way to find out what is wrong with the message format? Currently “faulty” messages/faxes go to the black hole.

Thank you