Favourite music

Please post here your favourite music and rate my songs. Have fun!

  1. Song from Uncle Buck (1989)
  2. The Pinker Tones - Electrotumbao

Here’s the greatest video of all time in HD 720p…

I think it was made in 1998…which just makes it even more amazing.
Let it completely buffer so it doesn’t pause…and put it into FULLSCREEN
Turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP!!!

That’s a great song and vid…

I like daft punk, royskopp, fatboy slim, paul okenfold and a ton of others.

I like plenty, but I would have to say Meatloaf and Alanis Morissette are among my favourites.

They have so much realism and feel about their music.

Notice you don’t see performers of singing competitions do either Alanis’s or Meatloaf’s songs often if at all, because true masters are to hard to replicate.

Dream Theater all the way!

here is one of my favorites