"Favorites" problem,

I can no longer add any web sites to my “favorites” on my IE 11, yahoo
web…any ideas please how to fix this? Thanks

Hi baron2014,
I would consider trying a reset of IE, see the external link below.
Please read the notes on what personal settings and preferences that will be deleted with a reset.
Internet Explorer - Reset -Window 7 Forums

Hope that helps.

I’m a little leary of completely resetting IE…all other things are okay, just
the “favorites” is causing issues…thanks tho, will continue checking on
that reset business…

Baron, your problem doesn’t seem to be an isolated case; some folks do encounter the same problem after upgrading to IE11.


I think you may consider trying ___ uninstall IE11, reinstall IE10(or even IE8) then upgrade to IE11 via Windows Update. Or try out some other solutions suggested on the Microsoft forum link above.

Well shucks…guess will have to do this…always some daamn thing or nother…
thanks all…

Okay, bringing this up again cause still not solved the issue of saving new sites to
the favorites…local pc guru walked me thru a re-set of IE 9, so that did NOT
work…is there any way the online Comodo Geek would give me help on this or
am I just stuck??

Hi baron2014,
I would consider trying the following.

  1. Export your current favourites to a file to a known location (Don’t lose this file if your favourites are important).
  2. Close Internet Explorer.
  3. Navigate to ‘C:\Users\Username\Favorites’ and delete the contents of that folder.
  4. Re-open Internet Explorer and import your favourites from the previously saved file.
  5. Try saving new favourites.
    IE9 Favorites - Export/Import - Answers Microsoft

Hope that works.

Thanks, I’ll maybe give this a try later on…