Faulty uninstall causes GUARD32.DLL to lock itself & block internet!

I had a faulty uninstall of comodo firewall on vista 64. guard32.dll was the only file that wouldnt delete.

Now I cant delete it… even with “full control” in administrator.

Now I cant access firefox thunderbird and DDO (an online game). IE DOES work though. This has completely screwed up my computer.

I cant even install the firewall again (so that i can do a proper uninstall) because it tries to uninstall a program which isnt there.


Have you tryed unistalling it in SafeMode?

Wow, that erased the file, thats the good news!

However, I still cannot load firefox and DDO… :frowning:

What can I do now? Cleanly reinstalling them does not work.

spyware/virus free says spysweeper antivirus, iobit 360, malwarebytes and a few others…

What configuration where you using in CIS before you unstalled?
What version where you using when you unstalled CIS?