Faulty GUI with v 5.9 (Please use extreme caution with this work around)

Are your settings windows being cut of short leaving some settings out of reach? (Examples in Screen-shots)

Ronny another Mod has found a work around for this situation.

If you are familiar with windows registry the following might solve your issue.
Please use extreme caution editing windows registry and always have a back up plan in place. Thank you.

Open regedit, go to[b] [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-{YourSID}-1001\Software\ComodoGroup\CIS][/b] close CIS GUI and delete the whole [b]CIS[/b] tree. Note: The tree rebuilds itself and if you feel more secure to do so, please export the key first.
[b]Additional note[/b] from Moderator Dennis2: This has to be done in the account you use ie:- if you use a LUA account do not look in the Admin account as it will not be visible. Please use extreme caution if you decide to edit the registry.

Thanks to Moderators Ronny and Dennis2.
Hope this helps.

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