Faulty Fonts

I am new to the Comodo forums but have been looking and reading all day, trying to find out how and where (in simple English terms) to post a problem I have encountered with Comodo and Farm Town. The smaller, non bold, informational fonts in my menu, gift box and other places come out looking like the printer has run out of ink and they are unreadable! This has gone on for 4-5 days and I have done the following over this time frame, narrowing the problem down to Comodo:Happens on ALL MY FARMS only; Does NOT HAPPEN with Chrome or IE; Is CONTINUOUS all day and night;
I have done the following: Cleared ALL caches, cleared memcache; uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled same;rebooted computer numerous times;reloaded farms numerous times;run all scans for bugs and/or viruses; all programs are updated daily and use current versions of everything.PLEASE HELP!!

Hi and welcome txlady1222,
It has been noted that there are some issues between the current version of CD and the current Flash plug-in.
Temporary disabling flash when it is not required could be used as a workaround until the issue is resolved.

That’s my issue too! It would be nice if the developers would address this issue as they are aware of it.