Fault when attempting to collect an email certificate

I registered for a free secure email certificate; but the web page constantly gives error 438 no matter which route I take to collect it.

Is this a known problem?




Are you collecting the email certificate using the same machine that you applied from?

If you are, please submit a ticket at http://support.comodo.com


Hi Garry,

I did submit a ticket, and was very impressed in the speed of the responce. Unfortunately it said it was “I was probably using Win Vista which may cause a problem”, when infact it was WinXP SP2.

Could it be that using RDP to control the machine may cause the problem (if so, I suppose I’d better go to the office and do it there…).


Gary Partis

Hi Gary,

I’ve never heard of RDP causing any problems.

And, we haven’t seen error 438 before.

Try taking a look at the knowledgebase articles at:

And, also this one…even though it is for the code signing certificate you still need the default settings for free email certificate orders:

One other thing…is this the free email certificate from www.instantssl.com or does it relate to the Comodo Secure Email (CSE) Product (which is not the same thing).


Ah… It wanted the MS cert installer installed… If you dont allow the ActiveX component to install, it gives the 438 error…

Got it now - many thanks,