fatal error prob

today suddenly the computer turned blank yellow screen and nothing happened so i switched off the power and started the machine again. but on restarting it displayed some error i dont remember exactly it was like

fatal error unexpected termination the computer has shut down
some error c000d 000000000 0000000000

i started the comp in safe mode and without doing anything (coz i dont know much about these things) i restarted it and it started normally and everythings ok yet.

whats the prob??

sometimes rarely the computer suddenly turns blank blue sreen and when i start it again it starts normally with no error message.

what can be the prob??

I can’t garantee that this will work, but I had a similar problem long ago (not sure about the error message) anyway I got it fixed this way, but I know very little about this stuff therefor no garantee that this will work or even help! ;D

You could try this if you run vista, a really easy guide:

If you run windows XP you probably have to do it in a less graphic appealing way:

I recommend that you print that prior to use or that you have a second comp besides you with that page up as you won’t get any help once in command line! :-\

I recommend you to do this however, but count on it to take some time, on a somewhat slow XP machine (1 gb ram) single core this can take more than 2 h, and the percentage go up and down sometimes, (wierd).

The problem can be a huge number of things. :frowning: You’d need more precise information.

2day also the computer turned blank greenish colour and i restarted it. it didn’t displayed the fatal error prob it displayed yesterday and started normally.

2 probs.

  1. computer turns blank and restarts normally. doesn’t displays any error. (this problem has occured 4-5 times. occurs rarely, once in a month, once in six months)
  2. computer turned blank and on restart displayed fatal error prob. i restarted in safemode and again restarted in normal mode and it started normally. (this problem is for the first time. i forgot to note down the error. if the error is displayed again i will note down and provide you. if windows saves the error log where it saves. i can check and provide you the error log.)

One possibility is a defective video card or video memory.

Bear in mind that it is very hard to diagnose a problem that occurs at such irregular intervals.

Ewen :slight_smile:

ok if the error comes again i will report the error log to you guys.

I still think my thing is worth giving a shot, chkdsk can fix a lot of startup related errors…

oh sorry i forgot to reply you. i did chkdisk but throught right clicking drive c, tools-check now (theres only 1 drive “c” on this machine) did the scan but nothing came up.

Well alright then! (:HUG) :slight_smile:

Solid color other than blue I would say Panic is closer to the problem than anyone else. You might try updating the video driver (should be updated anyhow). Or if it is updated, the file may be damaged. Reinstall the driver and reboot.
The latest from nVidia is 181.22 (recently issued this year.).