Fastest Antivirus in Scanning!

Avira Premium for me is the fastest Antivirus in scanning. (:CLP)

Comodo or Panda :-TU


Kinda of a worthless poll. You cannot compare scan speeds unless all of us are using the same pc’s. Every pc different and all of us will have different results. All of use have different files to scan. I have 2 160 gig drives. My “C” drive is for Windows and other things and has 60 gigs free. My “F” drive is for games and music and has 40 gigs free. I have way more files then most. Any scanner I have every used takes about 3 hours to do a complete scan. Quick scans in a bout an hour. So are you talking quick scans or complete scans. Are you using extra filtering and using heuristics on high when scanning? Are you scanning archives? You need to edit your poll.

Like what do you suggest by the way? Im open to suggestions to edit the poll. :THNK

Honestly close the poll. 3 made a poll about SAS and MBAM. After I told him the same things he closed it. There are too many variables.

On my machine… I’ve found that Twister scans the fastest.

Im sorry, Cant do that. This is a poll based on your opinion. Im considering what you say there are many variables you say like when there is a poll for the best antivirus, is it based on max, normal & low settings on detection. Well let just say this is a poll based on your experience.

Ok but what does it matter. If Avira scanned fast on my system it doesn’t mean it will scan fast on somebody else" s.

Vettetech, I think the poll is about the users eXPeriences. If you find for example MCafee scanning fast on your system, you just choose McAfee… (however I must doubt that 88))


Right now Comodo is extremely slow at Mp3’s… What may take 3 seconds to scan 100mb of mp3’s from avira would take 20 seconds from comodo.

Yes… The on-demand scanning of MP3 Files and when files are moving moved, etc on-demand is slow. But you can’t really compare how fast AV’s are various systems with different RAM, HD’s & OS’s.

I would say Comodo & Avira’s on-access (Real time) are one of the fastest - but that was only my PERSONAL internal test. But like Vettetech said you know… You just can’t compare speeds on a wide range of platforms, etc. And I’m not being biased. :slight_smile:


Nod 32!

Yeah, Nod32 is very fast at scanning

I think the question is or was mean’t to be: What’s the fastest AV scanner you’ve used and tested comparing it to other AV products? Yes all machines are not created equal.

I currentlly use Avira Antivar Premium, excellent speed excellent detection rate and detection rate is the key factor.

In that respect, I’d say Kaspersky for response, and nod 32 for 0 day protection.

There is no such thing as zero day threats/protection.


With all due respect Josh, zero day attacks exist (read Wikipedia)


“Zero-Day” threats or attacks is when your computer is infected by a Zero-Day threat - a virus, trojan or spyware which is so new that antivirus programs have no “signature” to identify the threat. There are products out there such as ThreatFire that analyze your computer’s behavior to detect and block any malicious activity. It’s another way of adding additional security to your system…

Threat fire relies on behaviours\signatures… A malware writter just writes his code around that, Probably the best 0 day is HIPS\Virtualization.

Things like Heuristics aren’t the “God” of 0 day attacks, Malware witters test their code against anti virus before they come out.

Sorry I misunderstood that. :-[ I was thinking of something else. I apologize.