Faster scannings

Please, after I full scanned PC first time, is there any way to have faster scannings (for example detecting only changed files…)?
Unfortunately Comodo scans every file every time.
Thank you very much

Real Time scanning will skip unchanged files when set to Stateful mode. This is where performance is important, so it’s good that they have this option.

I believe the Manual and Scheduled scans will always scan everything (although I’ve never checked). It would be nice to have the option of a “quick” full scan that skips unchanged files as you say. On the other hand, always scanning everything makes good sense too, because new viruses may have been added to the database since the last time the unchanged files were scanned. I don’t know about you, but when I do a manual scan, I generally want it to do a thorough job. My scheduled scans are not very frequent.

The problem here is, that the stateful flag is reset with a definitions update. Since updates can happen every 30 minutes, the performance improvement is questionable.

for that reason i have turned off automatic update
and set an scheduled task to scan a folder each 3 days, but the real purpose is to get it updated