faster scan

The comodo scan is pretty fast,but i just thought of a way you can make it faster.
use the whitelist to skip known good progams like malwarebytes, or microsoft office during a scan to make it faster.

thanks for considering my request

just trying to make comodo better

Many good programs can be infected, even good ((whitelist)) programs. It is necessary to scan these incase this is the case with the computer the scan is being run on.

But if they were infected wouldn’t the digital signature be invalid (if they had one) or the hash have changed?

Also, this belongs in the wishlist, not in the area for New Products.

This is a great idea comodo needs to make scanner faster look what avast is doing and it does not affect detection rates at all. How to make the Full System Scan 6x faster in 10 days

We already use stateful file scanning…and as a Certification Authority we already have our own optimised library of cryptographic functions :slight_smile:

This is why CIS is one of the fastest when it comes to “on access” scanning, which is the most important for “performance degrading” as on access affects your computer ALL the time.

On demand only affect your computer when its running for few minutes that its running…

So we have one of the most efficient, if not THE best efficient ‘on access’ scanning speeds…