Faster load?

Is there any way I can make CF load faster/first? It is the last program to load ,and takes forever ,giving a hacker quite a lot of time to intrude ,I would think.


In fact, CFP 3 is loaded before you log in. What you refer to as CFP 3 is actually cfp.exe, which’s just the GUI. The real protection is loaded during the boot sequence. The protection is provided by the kernel drivers, and not by the GUI, so you’re protected even tho CFP 3 isn’t shown as running when you’ve just logged in.


Try defragging your boot files and cleaning out your prefetch. Loads very quick for me after doing this.

Thanks for the reply.I should have known that.Old age creeping up on me ,I guess.How do I clean out pre fetch?

No! Do NOT clean out the prefetch files! It won’t speed up boot. The prefetch stores information, so that Windows boot faster, and your applications load faster. The prefetch folder will automatically clean itself. Windows defragment utility should defrag the boot files by default.


EDIT: Some interesting information about the Prefetcher in XP: Prefetcher - Wikipedia

Thanks for info on prefetch.I also looked this up.

Not true. I have been doing it for years. Works great. Your first boot up will be slow and most programs will be slow at first but after another boot up it will be fine.

Yes, everything will be slow since you delete those files! So don’t touch them. It won’t be faster on the second boot than it was before you deleted these files. Take a look at XP Myths.


I know all of that. But I have done this for years. About once a month and it does improve the overall boot up.

Yes, I do it if I’ve done a lot of changes.

The boot etc. can be slower until Prefetch reloads the commomn apps., but I’ve had delays due to an old app. (uninstalled).
Layout.ini isn’t editable in situ; just copy it to an adjacent folder, remove everthing except [OptimalLayoutFile]
then copy it back. Delete the rest of the entries and, eventually, booting will be a bit quicker.
Prefetch will purge itself eventually but why wait?

I clean out my prefetch then let PD2008 rebuild my layout.ini files.

That is where the improvement comes from - Perfect Disk. Only deleting prefetch will gain you beans.


Yes but I did this before I ever had PD. You love to argue with me don’t you Al. LOL

Not really - it’s too strenuous. :slight_smile:

Al (try listening to what others have to say) Adric

I’d say cleaning prefetch speeds up apps, not boot time. HOWEVER your computer has to be A) Really old or B) so cluttered with programs its not even funny, in order for cleaning your prefetch to make a huge difference.

Are you sure? I’m running Defense+ in paranoid mode and until CFP.EXE is up and running, Defense+ is just allowing everything and even recording it as being allowed in future (ie, Defense+ is in learning mode and the computer unprotected until CFP.EXE has been loaded completely, which can take quite a while).

When did you install Comodo? When you install Comodo you are telling Comodo that your pc is clean and everything in is trusted or atleast should be. No reason for paranoid mode. Also what you see balloon tips at the bottom of you systray that is Comodo learning all your programs that are running in the back round. This is normal. You can shut off those balloon tips but Comodo is loaded way before you know it. It is loaded into the kernal before Windows loads. This is why people cannot perform an offline defrag with PD2008 cause Comodo is protecting the boot files.

Like vet said, when you install CFP D+ will automatically learn start up items unless you say otherwise. Even if you had D+ in paranoid mode from the start, you hit ‘allow’ on all of the CFP alerts for startup items. So CFP remembers those alerts, thus CFP allows startup items.