Fast User Switching

I just recently switched to Comodo Personal Firewall and today I noticed that it does not work with fast user switching in Windows XP. Is this going to be fixed soon? If not, I’m going back to Kerio. This is really annoying.

Does anyone know if this is something that is actively being worked on yet?



I’m not certain about it being actively developed, but it certainly has been mentioned before, and Comodo have plans to implement it. See this post, especially points 8 & 22 in Melih’s roundup of WishList #1.

Is anyone around from Comodo who can tell us if this is going to be fixed soon? This is a major problem! Why even bother having a firewall if only one user on a multi-user Windows system can be protected?

We are always around :slight_smile:
We are looking at solving this in the next release. Pls keep your fingers crossed. We are trying to put it in the next release, but i can’t promise :slight_smile: