Farmville on Dragon

My game (Farmville) doesn’t work on Dragon at all. For the last week or so.
I have had to resort to another browser that I don’t like
I have always loved Dragon but I am not impressed right now.
**When I load the game no gifts or help wanted show up
** Can’t post anything at all from the game
** Can’t send bushels that friends want from the newsfeed

I just updated Dragon and tried it again and it still isn’t working
Please let me know what’s going on and when it will be fixed.

Changed all caps title to regular case/ Eric

I’m sorry, but this sounds like it may be an issue with Dragon, and not CIS. Thus, I will move this to the Comodo Dragon HELP board.

Meanwhile, can you please try disabling the extension called PrivDog and see if that allows Farmville to work correctly?


…in “settings - show advanced settings - privacy - content settings - cookies” uncheck “block 3rd party cookies and data”…close & reopen dragon…log into facebook, add to whitelist for privdog or any other adblock app - then connect to farmville & do the same - as long as you have all boxes checked in “clear on exit” section in settings or using incognito mode or both, that’s all you really need in regards to privacy - who cares if 3rd party cookies aren’t blocked as long as they’re not saved to be read next time, so no history can be built for them if there’s nothing to be read except the current cookie - it will just look like it to them that every time you log in, it’s the first time…if you have “block 3rd party cookies” checked, the little farmville envelope you click on to accept gifts, will NOT work, nor will it go to it automatically early in the loading process, as is common…I’ve been on FV since it started for 4 yrs…