Farewell old friend!

After having used various versions of Comodo Firewall for several years I had to bid it goodbye today. Perhaps not as much Comodos fault as Firefox’s, but after the update to Firefox/ the Ff session load times with Sandboxie were over 20 seconds. I also could never get my new Vista notebook to find my printer. So today I switched to Online Armor Free and now sandboxed sessions start in about 10 seconds and I was able to configure printer sharing. For 60 I’m somewhat pc literate, however, Comodo and all of its great versatility are beyond my reach.

Was not aware that OA had a Vista compatible product out yet.

IMO comparing CFP v3 to OA Free is like comparing apples to oranges.
OA Free is a firewall with some HIPS capability.
CFP v3 is essentially a HIPS with firewall capability.

Power has its price, and a leaktest result is just a small part of the big picture.
OA Free maybe easier for you to configure, but only you can determine how much you can risk with less security and control.

I have been using Firefox for everything except financial transactions for several years now, but I would probably ditch it and switch to Opera before I changed security software, since I do a lot more with my PC than surf.
IAC, Firefox releases new versions quite frequently; why not wait a week or so and see if they fix the problem in
Also, was there anything new in that you found essential that wasn’t present in

I had this problem but it wasn’t Comodo. Be sure you have the latest Sandboxie which improves load time speeds.

I wish you good luck, sir, and commend you on your technological acumen*, good nature, and grace exhibited in leaving the fold.

  • My mother at 60 was recently attempting to check her email in Explorer - Windows Explorer.

Ditto ratchet. Thanks for gracious exit. OA is a great firewall and if it’s what you need and it works out for you, that’s great.

Please drop in from time to time. There are some exciting things coming up for Comodo.

Take care
Ewen :slight_smile:

In terms of the I didn’t know OA had a vista version yet question, I felt that had to be a testable hypothesis.

I decided to bop over to the OA forum, and according to Mike NASH, in a post made today, he may be bringing out a beta version that works on vista any day now. Meanwhile some folks there seem to thinking about trying the new zone alarm meanwhile. On March 10, Mike Nash said much of the same thing and all kind of people were volunteering to be beta testers. And a 32 bit beta for Vista will come before a 64 bit one.

And so the race is still on, and as far as I am concerned, either way, the end user wins. As both products just keep getting better.