Faqs and existing posts not helping, need help with online games.

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I seem to be having a problem, and searching and reading through existing posts as well as googling every combination of possible ways (I can think of) to ask this question hasn’t seemed to help either. The problem I’m having is this: application updates. Not updates to CFP but updates to other programs. If you have a program that updates frequently, and it accesses the internet, then EVERY time you update, you have to re-allow the program multiple times.

With some programs or for some people this isn’t too much of a problem, but with WoW for example, you have to pre-emptively either A.: add the game executable and allow all connections, or B.: alt-tab out of the game so the popup doesn’t lock the program. I can successfully allow all connections, but is there any way to remember an application, regardless of changes to said application? I know this isn’t very secure and if an exploit is made it will allow it full access to everything, BUT I would like to be able to do it. I’ve wanted to switch from ZoneAlarm to comodo but this is the one thing keeping me from doing so, because although ZoneAlarm doesn’t allow this either, it’s a lot simpler to deal with the problem when it DOES occur.

Hi magus7091, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m sure you appreciate, every program will have it’s own requirements with regard to updates. For the most part, when ever you receive a prompt from CFP, assuming it’s legit :), hit allow and remember. In some cases you will probably have to create some rules to allow the communication.

Unfortunately, I’ve never played WoW, so we may need to illicit some additional help to create a complete rule set.

First question, are you behind a router? If so you will need to ensure you forward the ports WoW needs.

From reading the WoW help pages:


It would appear you need to open TCP ports, 3724 and 6112. They also suggest opening ports 6881 through 6999. I assume this is for Bittorrent support.

So, In Network Monitor you would need two rules:

From IP = ANY (see note)
Source Port = ANY (you may be able to restrict this to port range 3724, 6112, 6881-6999.)
Destination Port = port range 3724, 6112, 6881-6999.

From IP = ANY
To IP = ANY (see note)
Source Port = port range 3724, 6112, 6881-6999
Destination Port = ANY (you may be able to restrict this to port range 3724, 6112, 6881-6999.)

Note: if you are behind a router, you can replace ANY with your LAN IP address.

You will also need some Application Monitor rules, but with any luck, they will be created automatically. Just delete any AM rules for WoW you already have.

See how that goes.


The problem isn’t getting it to access, it’s the fact that every time you patch, you have to continuously re-allow. (:SAD) The reason I’m citing WoW in particular is it goes from the “launcher” to the game.exe and when it starts up, if cfp tries to pop, it locks the game.exe. Kinda bad to have to deal with that once a week. What sort of options would I have to set to always allow the game.exe to access the internet regardless of changes to the file itself, or is this possible?


The reason that CFP alerts you after WOW is patched is because the executable has changed in some way, compared to the instance that existed at the time the rule was created.

I don’t know of any whay around this, as this is one of the “features” of CFP - the fact that it always monitors the state of an application, rather than just hte simpler details like file name and path.

If I can think of a way around this, I’ll repost here.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I realize this is designed as a security feature, but it would be really great to be able to bypass this as an exception basis, for things like WoW. Appreciate the feedback. (:CLP)