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Any body any ideas were the next generations of firewalls will go next ie if dna is cracked and micro chips are on a masive change silicon will be a thing of the past in the next 5 years, a complete new system of infared or ultravilot or even liquid chips will be out with a whole new aproach to data bits, and how it is interpreted ,well software will have a specific time in stead of data bits and verry hard it would be to change and alter the code

Hi, a different scenario for sure. With micro technology just in it’s baby stages, already the can make a tiny chip hold 64 Gbs of ram. The next logical step is to get out of the way we currently use computers as the limitations of electrical signals is halting the forwardness for sure. I believe the CPU with micro technology, not nano tech, has something like billions of registers. My concern is heat of course. All this may have changed but the last I heard of mt, this was what was happening. Anyway, liquid, why not? Hey , as well fiber optic motherboards are on the way. Of course there’s another issue, no? We are limited to the speed of light, 186,000 mps. Hard to believe this is considered limited, but it is. The more processing done the slower even light becomes as a source. Therefore there has to be more, they must break the speed of light, reduce heat, and even though electrons travel at the speed of light, of course if in a vaccum and electrons have greater mass than a photon and so in wire they meet with resistance, the biggest issue with electrons. Even light isn’t 100% if not in a vaccum. Anyway, if there is a way to create a vaccum , scientists think an electron can travel faster than light or if splitting the elecrton. I have a problem with this, the atom. There still has to be a stop\go procedure, the valence shell, etc…you think? So whatever they do, I think it will boil down to some completely new type of conductive use for computers, and needs to be used in a vaccum to achieve the needed speeds. Heat would only be an issue with resistance of course, with no resistance, no to little heat, increased speed. Anyway, I am losing track of what the heck I was getting at.


Thanks for the post what if we take a step further down in to the
quantum bit, or “qubit”, is analogous the bits used in conventional computers. But, instead of simply switching between two states, representing “0” and “1”, quantum physics permits a qubit to exist in more than one state simultaneously, until its state is measured.

This means quantum computers can essentially perform multiple calculations at once, giving them the potential to be exponentially more powerful than conventional computers.

Researchers have previously developed rudimentary quantum computers by exploiting exotic phenomena to generate qubits. Two of the most sophisticated methods involve using ions trapped in magnetic fields and electrons in superconducting circuits. However, both approaches are far more complicated than making the chips that power conventional computers.

‘Breakthrough experiment’
Researchers have also created qubits from the “up” or “down” spin-states of electrons on quantum dots. But they lacked the ability to control the state of a single electron well enough to perform calculations using them i found this some time ago quantum physics not my best subject ime into gravity and all things that can be opposit to gravity as for the speed of light not many people will agree but it sounds nuts i know there is a good probability that theres faster things maybe just maybe??/faster than light speeds re:Electric signals can be transmitted at least four times faster than the speed of light using only basic equipment that would be found in virtually any college science department.

Scientists have sent light signals at faster-than-light speeds over the distances of a few metres for the last two decades - but only with the aid of complicated, expensive equipment. Now physicists at Middle Tennessee State University have broken that speed limit over distances of nearly 120 metres, using off-the-shelf equipment costing just $500.

Jeremy Munday and Bill Robertson made a 120-metre-long cable by alternating six- to eight-metre-long lengths of two different kinds of coaxial cable, each with a different electrical impedance. They hooked this hybrid cable up to two signal generators, one of which broadcast a fast wave, the other a slow one. The waves interfere with each other to produce electric pulses, which can be watched using an oscilloscope.

Any pulse, whether electrical, light or sound, can be imagined as a group of tiny intermingled waves. The energy of this “group pulse” rises and falls over space, with a peak in the middle. The different electrical resistances in the hybrid cable cause the waves in the pulse’s rear to reflect off each other, accelerating the pulse’s peak forward.

Four billion km/h give and take a few mph

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Very good info, not nuts at all and yes I recall this. I think this falls in the range of anti-matter, or just below it as well which I was going to mention but didn’t know how far into this you are. This also goes into range of teleportation which the physics have been studying as well and have in fact teleported an atom or similar with an anti-matter basis. It popped out of existance and into exsistance instantaneously which puts the speed of light to shame. Theoretically, a pc operating on this level could have near real time response. As a matter of fact it was proven that in certain atoms could communicate with other atoms light years away instantly. Of course this also goes into the phsycic theory as well how some can see the future etc…anyway, this sort of transmission would go far beyond metal equiptment and let’s face it, the PC will have to be overhauled eventually. The problem with controlling electrons is also the fact of EMF, which is still not proven how this happens. I think there is a link between gravity, EMF and faster than light speeds but mass also must play a part. It’s almost as if EMF is an Electron radar scoping for an empty valence shell, how else does it know how to get there? They are very unpredictable unless of course you understand they always take the easiest path. The point with electron speeds, how fast is too fast to the electron before even it breaks down ? I think Anti matter is going to be the key that opens all this for us eventually. I always said when I was younger, space is not “nothing” it still has to be something, but could never explain in words what I meant. My mom, a few years ago, showed me an article on anti-matter and laughed and said “this is what you were always saying” . It just stands to reason that it must be something, or else anything within the boundary wouldn’t exist at all. I have to quit or else i’ll go on for 5 pages here, lol. I will also say that if U.F.O’s exist , they would use anti matter to travel , open a rift as they go. I think this explains why\IF there are, many say they see an energy around them. Hey , I know , Ufos are a long shot but if we travel to a planet, say it has life and they are primitive , what would we be to them? Back to the other, I don’t think they will control the electron yet, it’s raw energy and much more is needed.