False Virus

I was using Webroot’s Spy sweeper with AV. It had become so bloated it took forever to load and 40 min to do a scan. I dumped it for Comodo’s CIS. I was already using the Comodo’s firewall. Love it! It loads quick and scans in 14 min. The problem is I’m using Webroot’s window washer, with never a problem. Comodo’s AV thinks its a virus. Not one but 14 files all normal in the program. I uninstalled and downloaded a new copy. Before installing I did an AV scan, all OK. After installing the AV sees a problem. I’m told to send a zipped file to Comodo. I’m a noviice and don’t know how, besides it doesn’t like the complete program Any suggestions beside uninstalling Window washer. Thanks

They’re still working on False Positives (I have a few myself). You can send your example to: cpfbugs@comodo.com