False update notification

I upgraded tonight to:

Product Version: 3.10.101801.529

Yet, when I click the link to cheek for updates, it tells me that there is a newer update available. And Comodo is not kind enough to tell me what the version of the new update is. So I go to the webpage and see that verify that there isn’t an update with a higher version number.

There was a new update released, this was to cure the problem of lost configurations when updating from 3.9 to 3.10

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well, that version is/was not on the webpage when I checked.

I don’t use the Comodo update process because I install to a non-standard location and I like to keep a copy of the application.

Comodo should synch the webpage with the update notification and also allow the user to download the install app if they so choose.

It is here I also keep a copy even though I used the update process sometimes.
I presume because it is the weekend this will not change till Monday.