False security warnings?

Many times when surfing through Internet Explorer, Comodo Firewall jumps with a warning as attached. Anything can appear instead of “explorer.exe” in the example, such as firefox, msnmsgr, icq… It appears to just use the last application that had the focus, or it might even be random…

My settings for iexplorer.exe are as follows:
Parent: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Allow outgoing TCP/UDP to any IP and any port
None of the miscellaneous options checked

I don’t want to skip advanced security checks for this application, as IE is a primary target for hijack attacks.

(Don’t know if it matters, but I use a proxy server on

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Hi tutils.

What you are seeing is quite normal for CFP. It’s part of Application Behaviour Analysis. Essentially, It’s messaging between applications. This can occur for number of reasons, most of which are perfectly justified.

The reason CFP/ABA reports these messages is simply because it’s possible for a rogue application to ‘hijack’ or impersonate a valid application, and cause damage to your PC. For example, if a trojan entered your system and ‘hijacked’ explorer.exe, it might try to use Internet Explorer to access the Internet.

You can do one of two things. Turn off some settings in ABA - NOT RECOMMENDED, or carefully watch the messages. If your content they are from valid applications, you may allow them.

Its all about protection and security

I also have lots of this messages and for 98% of the time I do not understand what the message tells me what is going on. I install your software at clients computers and they also get confused by the enormous amount of warnings. This should be automated like in Norton or McAfee is done.