False Postive DR Web Scanner

Hey guys I like to report a FP
a Dr Web installer your Heuristics classified it as suspicious
unfortunately i can send it to you for some reason but it should be in your files already

the reason why i cant cause it seems to be asking permiision to open tried admin run as no joy just gave me another excuse why it wont open

if you want i send you the exe and you can try it out
let me know

Hello Richard,

Please try adding the file to your “Exclusions” list and then send it to us using: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check it and fix the false-positive if that’s the case.

Best regards,

I used Report this to COMODO as a False Alert in CIS, so you should have the file (4ud67xp.exe). I still have the file if you need it again.

its sent
just a foot note i had to make into a short cut to send it
triied both ways and wouldnt give me permission

thanks J
but i have it already in my files already it just keeps on getting picked on lol