False positives


Comodo detects all files packed with Uticasoft SFX Compiler (SHA1: fc16ee26723f26babdfcf29cb5c0f545931bac77) as Backdoor.Win32.Agent.CEP_svr23. Please fix it.

Oups, big issue here again…good finding :-TU

This happens for many months, was too lazy to report it :smiley:

Hello malware1,

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll check it.

Best regards,

You should not only focus on that particular file.

“Comodo detects all files packed with Uticasoft SFX Compiler”

How could we focus only on that file when that file it’s just the Compiler itself?

I did not check anything on the file in question, I’m just referring to what malware1 said.

What I’m trying to say is “I can read too.”

If you need some generated files, then they’re in attach. Password: fp

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello malware1,

Thank you but everything is ok, I have generated a few files myself and confirmed the False Positives. Also they should be fixed soon.

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I got it no problem. I misunderstood because of the usual generic reply.

Hi malware1,

This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <18157> of Comodo Internet Security Version<7.0.317799.4142> and confirm it.

Best regards

Confirmed, thanks.