False Positives

Hello, I’m also part of the Malwarebytes forum and even there admins confirmed that these were false positives by COMODO. These files have been out for weeks and still not taken out of the COMODO database so here is the zip.

For more information on this files go to the Malwarebytes link.

And I have a PUP for you guys, so where should I submitted on the forums?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ok, I think you guys removed one of the files that was part of Sony Vegas pro 10, but the other ones like 9DRAGONS.exe and xfiletransfer.exe is part of a game called 9Dragons and this game works.

And the couponprinter.exe has something to do with printers i think, even if im wrong its a false positive.

Anyways, all these files were on my pc already until I installed COMODO which when I got the alerts.
So yea! And hopefully you guys will have less false positives since when a customer installs your product, it can be disapointing of having all this alerts on false positives!

Hi IDKWatMNShouldBe,
We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.
Thanks and Regards,
Lin mengze

hello its been hours and CIS is still detecting the files ???

Give them time to check it out…

ok they only took out xfile transfer out of the database. I KNOW ALL OF THESE are false positives!

The xfiletransfer is part of 9dragons.exe u know!

And they aren’t malicous! I have those files on my pc and I KNOW they are false positives, and also the Malwarebytes staff confirmed them!

oops i didn’t mean to yell but really, all of them are false positives.

Please wait until the staff have said they’ve processed them all.

Finally! Thanks! now all the files are out of the database! :slight_smile:

Can I have some candy now? jk jk ;D

Instead of complaining to the staff at comodo would it not have been easier for you to have put those files into your trusted files list until they were checked out properly…?