False positives?

Is anybody else getting a bunch of false positives? I upgraded to CIS 3.5 yesterday and this morning after the scan I had a bunch of files in quarantine. The older version of Comodo Antivirus hadn’t shown anything and I’ve run several of these files through several online virus scanners (Kaspersky, etc.), checked them with AVG on another computer I have and they have all come back clean. I realize that the older version may have just missed some files or whatever but has anyone else noticed this? Is CIS just a little over-paranoid?

Is there any way to mark a file as safe or exclude it from further scans?

Hello, Welcome to the forums.

Add it into the exclusion llist.

Comodo → Antivirus → scanner settings → Exclusions

Also… Are you 100% sure these are false positives? you can submit the files to www.virustotal.com

Can you please Submit the false positives to comodo

I have gotten an ‘infection’ alert/warning for mirc.exe. This is a program I know and trust. I have done as stated above and added it to my exclusions list but this does not seem to make a difference. It keeps getting added back to the quarentine list and tells me I ‘may not have proper authority to open’ this file.

Please help as we use this program to keep in contact with people in real time but now cannot.

Comodo A-V Version information :
Build version :
Virus Database version :
Safelist DB version :
Program Updates version :

System Information :
Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon XP 3000+

I’m going to have to add to this… it seems any exclusions don’t work.
I use vncviewer for my job to pull up remote machines. I’ve added the EXE and even the entire directory to the exclusion list, but unless I turn off the real time scanner - it will not allow it to execute.

I’m using Vista 32bit with CIS 3.5.5
Virus Sig Database of 544

I was looking forward to this product for nearly 2 yrs now, so I really hope to get it working!

Yeah, The exclusion doesn’t seem to work on my pc either - I exclude my gaming\music folders from scanning and they are still scanned.