False Positives??

I have just completed checking a large file storage system and it seemes that I am getting FP on some files that I know are not infected. I have ran 3 other AV on the same files and they don’t show any problems at all. In fact, Kaspersky AV was just run last night on the same files with no problems shown.
Is anyone else seeing any problems?
The FPs I am seeing are mostly Viruv.DOS.HLLO.generic.

Same here too Lee.

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You can report to Comodo research lab about the false positive detection by submitting the file. It has one option for user to submit the supected file to comodo lab for analysis. You may get reply about the submitted suspected files through mail if you provide email addredd while submitting the suspected files.
Option: Main Window->Quarantine Page->Submit Suspected file->Submit files. Suspected File Submission dialog will be displayed.

Hi kishork,I have tried several times to submit.Maybe a bug?

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This could be problem accessing the upload server. Which being checked. Any one can submit a single file?

I’m also getting the same false positive, but, have tried numerous times to submit, but, keep getting an error

I had not uploaded the file as I knew that the file was SAFE. However, They may be able to see why CAV is calling FPs with it so I will try and UL it in a few minutes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi kishork,just tried again to send a single file.This submit file dialog stayed open for about 5 minutes and then got error message same as one I posted eariler here. tim

Same as above for me. No go. And I even added all of the AV programs to trusted before I tried a second time. Must be a bug in there somewhere.

Still unable to submit file. tim

Pls try again Tim.


Thanks Melih for reply. Still unable at this time.

This is how I’m tring to send.

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Now CAV program updates has come. Pl run updater and try again to submit the files.

After the update I was able to submit the files. Thank you.

Thanks, I was able to this time. :wink: tim

I was also able to send the files
i have send a virus not detected by Comodo