False Positives recuring problem

CIS V5.9.221665.2197 Database 11386
Continually discovers TrojWare.Win32.GameThief.Magania.~YB@225330048 in every file I run. The latest is outlook.exe

Every file less than 20 megs I have run through Virus Total and they all get 0/40. This also includes their version of Comodo.

There is NO question these are false positives and I get them every time I run a program, install a program or try to uninstall a program.

This is the exact reason I left Comodo months ago and was told by several long time posters it was fixed.

Can we please look into this problem and find out why there are so many false positives please? I have to click “Report to Comodo that this file is a false positive” just to use my computer on a regular basis.

Please report any findings.

Thank You,



Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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OK. The Outlook.exe I cannot upload. It is illegal and I got in trouble once by Microsoft for uploading a Microsoft file for a similar reason. But I have another freeware file that set off CIS as well I will upload it, it is TweakPrefetch.exe. It helps tweak your prefetch settings and I have used it MANY times and all of a sudden it sets off CIS for no apparent reason.

I will upload it now


Can’t seem to send it. Page just sits there spinning for over an hour before I just quit. Is there another way I can submit the file?

This is getting to be a problem. EVERYTHING I try to run gets flagged by CIS as having that Trojan. I need help with this. I am continually uploading stuff to virus total and Jotti and everything CIS flags comes up clean.

Please don’t leave me in the dust here guys… :frowning:


Yes this recurring FP’s are probs. I have seen it for progs like IDM - Internet Download Manager, Kaspersky TDS Killer, etc posted here many times. Every update/upgrade of these progs are detected again.

Sometimes this makes me think that the signatures in Comodo Antivirus are not quality, flexible signatures but little padding here & there for detection.


You can try uploading the detected files on any file-sharing website and just give us the download link.

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Let me try one more time then I will post it on my website and give you the link.



I read the instructions, which are not too hard to understand and the submission page is easy to understand as well. But that Malware/ False-Positive submission page is still broken and will not upload the file. I just sits there spinning.

I have uploaded the file in zip format to my site, here is the URL:


PLEASE let me know your findings.

BTW, what is the problem with the False Positive submission page?


Please check you ■■■! Thanks!!

I just emailed one of the files in question to the email address Jack gave me.