FALSE POSITIVES - on PHP and JavaScripts witin websites!


It appears that the latest builds are a little too sensitive for my taste.

While zipping a local website I had it fire off at least 5 times for code it detected within PHP files and JavaScript files. In the case of JavaScript files it actually reported the JQuery library as being MalWare! Excuse me?

This is, in my mind, just a little too much!

You aren’t alone sir…

Experiencing same issues here since this morning’s update.

Between the periodic memory exception errors, false shellcode injection alerts and now this latest bug, I can’t risk the ■■■■■ of production machines.

No choice left, but to ■■■■■ the wallet for something more stable.

Can you please give description of malware name as it appears in CIS?

We have fixed couple of FPs with Java Script files, not sure if you have a newer one.


I have the following flagged up as malware - please see screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Guys,

Could you please confirm these Javascripts FP’s against latest database?


The issues I have been experiencing on certain websites have been fixed.

Thanks! :comodo110: