False positives earning?

is Comodo earning from various software companies to scan(even when auto scan removed from scheduler), and then look for cracks and patches and scare users by tagging it as trojans and malware? Because even when not schedules it scans and scans when the computer is left on… and flag all those false positives, again and again, even when reported and added to excultion.
Thank you.

Hi Nailyoubigtime,

We’re flagging files solely based on the behavior/threat they represent to user, nothing else. There are cases when some application fall into a grey area, applications that in some certain scenarios might be used for malicious/intrusive/deceitful purposes. More info regarding these can be found here. For these type of files, it’s user’s decision to continue run them or not.

Regarding exclusion list, please be aware that once you add a file to exclusion list, a unique identifier is associated with that file and any modification on it or replacing the file with other one under same name will make CIS to not take the exclusion into consideration, therefore you’ll have to add the file again into exclusion list.

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CIS should no longer flag the files that were excluded. That is under the assumption these files do not change.

When you have Run cache builder when computer is idle enabled CIS will scan the pc building a cache. Files that are cached will no longer be scanned until the last update of the av definitions.

What is causing your situation is not clear. We need some more information about your system to see if it is a bug with CIS or another security program influencing CIS. Do you have other security programs installed that run in the background alongside CIS? What other security programs do you have installed?

Hello, Thank you for the reply. Good wishes.

Hello EricJH, thank you for the reply.
I totally disabled the Windows defender, as well as firewall, antivirus, windows update etc. Destroyed all the Usually nonremovable McFee, Norton background processes that are there to keep track on activities like cheap thieves. All, solely with respect and trust to Comodo.

This happens many times. I have disabled the Comodo auto scans. But whenever I leave the computer on over night, the comodo will will be like "Look look what I found for you (:LOV) (:HUG) “. I mean scans the drives anyway and catches the false positives(including android apk files) that were excluded. Most of them are the same.
Like you said, it must be the 'Run Cache Builder when computer is idle”. I disabled it just now. Might solve the issue. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Keep us posted and let us know if that fixes it or not.