False Positives: ALL (?) console apps compiled under CodeBlocks

There’s suddenly a major issue when generating Win32 console apps using CodeBlocks. From what I can tell, every compiled executable file from the IDE sets off Comodo’s AV at the moment of .EXE creation.

This even goes for the simplest C language example. Case in point: Even compiling the traditional “Hello world” program in CodeBlocks such as this:


results in this:


This wasn’t happening with the new CIS 5.8 before late last week. In fact, the last full scan I did back on Friday quarantined two other console-based apps I was working on and can’t re-compile now because of identical alerts that instantly snatch up the .EXEs (they’re simple apps NOT malicious in any way, shape or form)!

Something has DEFINITELY gone wrong with the AV detection here . . . ???

Hello hoosier74,

Thank you for your submission. A fix for these False Positives will be delivered within our next few updates.

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Thanks for the fast response, FlorinG.

I managed to get an .EXE from that identical Hello World zipped up (with AV & D+ disabled temporarily) - figured some actual code for you people to look at might help.

Available here:

Hello hoosier74,

Thank you for sharing this. We’ll check it.

Best regards,

Hello.exe VirusTotal Report : http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=d220ab538c2188a1157ddce773a4c7d921175d2cb8b4f005125ee52e7d183cfd-1320697956

Valkyre Report : https://valkyrie.comodo.com/Result.html?sha1=875f64d9f3a6531d15a0409b0970328f378200b7&&query=0&&filename=hello.exe

CIMA Report : http://camas.comodo.com/cgi-bin/submit?file=d220ab538c2188a1157ddce773a4c7d921175d2cb8b4f005125ee52e7d183cfd

ANUBIS Report : http://anubis.iseclab.org/?action=result&task_id=1921f86b498887d44ade453c059bec516&format=html

Jotti Report : http://virusscan.jotti.org/tr/scanresult/ada950c6eee3b4b27b30f39c7d3cb204e2f0b577

Hi, Kruis

Thank you for your submission.
We’ll check these.

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Hi hoosier74,

The false-positive is now fixed with virus database 10703. Please update to confirm.

Thanks and regards,

:-TU All appears resolved - apps compiling fine now.

Thanks again.