False positives after 992 data base update.

(:SAD) whilst i am happy with the best firewall in the buisiness, and D+ being awsome, i am having problems with dealing with issues of false positives with the av, and hope they are fixed soon or i may have to leave to get my confidence back with another av. Here is todays calamity!. I updated this morning to data base 992 and all went smoothly or so i thought.Immediately ater the download i noticed a pop up in the tray but not defense + and i saw a red bug telling me of a virus. I subsequently ran a full scan which picked up 12 viruses when Heuristics were set to medium. The Supposed viruses were in c:\programfiles\comodo\comodointernetsecurity\quarantine\cooltrayicon_d6plus.bpl and the other culprit is the same but ends with, \winskindtr.bpl. depending on how you hover the mouse over the “infection” you also get heur.pckmew on the end?. i am sure i have read posts in the forums about similar false positives, but also had the Heur.pckmew thing in another file associated with iobit advanced care registry cleaner. Some users report false positives in Glary utilities and similar programmes, and i think thats what is happening here.

Now the crunch. What gets me is Umesh quoted the update will fix a lot of Fps, which i thought, fair eneough, then i remembered, i never got any false positives that i could remember previous to the update and not all at once!.This saddens me as i love Cis, and feel its getting better at detecting due to tests today by forum members, but has resulted in me and others, i feel having more Fps than before,which leads me to now needing yet another fix.i scanned also with Prevx edge, A squared, Malwarebytes, and Superanti spyware, and nothing!.These are probably the best detectors/ removers out there at the moment and am sure if they were genuine viruses, then something would have been picked up.I further ran the scan again on low, heuristics and yes there they were again. Some one said switch it off to stop fps?. Why bother having it if thats what i have to do to avoid Fps. What i want as a loyal Cis user is confidence in the product not producing this many Fps and hope this is corrected not just for me but other loyal Cis users who want all of the product and for it to perform properly and not act itself after an update!.Going to bed now as i feel i could do a war and peace on this one, good night all from Sunnny Sunderland!!.

Hi dave,
We have seen lots of FPs in .bpl files and have made changes in heuristic engine to reduce probabaility of FP. We plan to release updated engine with CIS this thursday. While that is in progress we are also trying to fix all reported heuristic FPs.

Please bear with us for heuristic FPs, we should be able to fix all reported FPs within max 2 days.


(:CLP) (:HUG)Hi Umesh, Thanks for the prompt reply, and the fact that these Fps are being dealt with and an update to heuristics is due on thursday to fix these. Incidentally, will the update imppove detection rates or is it mainly an Fp fix thing?. This restores my faith in the av, and understand its new and in order to be number one problems will occur, and as long as they are dealt with, i shall eagerly await the update, and resist changing the av side of things.

Dave1234. (Comodo til i die.)

Hi Dave,
We have fixed engine for reducing FPs in .BPL files. Heuristic engine has been introduced lately and will mature with the support of community feedback like we are getting now.

It is a continuous process.

Thanks for having faith in Comodo.


I sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and hard work, but that doesn’t really solve the problem! 3.8 should never have been released with such a serious problem. (If it wasn’t detected before release, then you need to fix your quality system.)