False positive

99.9% false positive: AnotherStar.exe
Many AV products are detecting the Steam-enabled executable for the indie game “Another Star” as a virus. The dev has been very communicative and transparent about this problem. It is highly likely this is a false positive and that something is triggering the engines due to the online “call home to Steam” features in the executable. It’s important to note that the non-Steam executable doesn’t trigger the AVs. The sample is in the attached password-protected zip-file. Password for attached archive: falsepositive


We’ll check this and get back to you.

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This is to inform you that false-positive with AnotherStar.exe <SHA1: a1f4e838102640d01061fa7abfe6571e86c352db> has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <34188> of Comodo Internet Security Version<> and confirm it.

On both Valkyrie and VirusTotal Comodo still identifies the file as malware?


Verdict on Valkyrie has been also updated.

Please note that we have no control over third party platforms like VirusTotal, so we can’t say when or if they will update the verdict.

Thanks, human verdict shows up as clean now, but signature-based Valkyrie still detects malware.
Edit: Now everything shows up as clean :slight_smile: