False Positive

VLC 2.1.1

During install, cache-gen.exe is detected as malware.

Attached is the screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello naren,

Since we could not replicate this detection (the file was not detected), please make sure your Comodo Internet Security is updated to version 6.3.294583.2937 with database version 17270 and try again. If the sample is still detected please submit it using the following link so we can check it:

Thank you!

Best regards,

Can you restore it, locate it, then upload to VT (reanalyse if already reported) just to have a look.

Strange??? During install CIS detected & quarantined it. I restored it & scanned with CIS, it is not detecting it?

VT shows 0 detections.

Why this strange detection from CIS? Previously too I have experienced & read here too where CIS realtime detects something & later no detections?

VLC 2.1.1 is the first version that offers upgrade. Previous versions use to uninstall old version & install new.

Previously I got “Unlimited Rights” popup & AV detected malware. I had selected upgrade.

Now I uninstalled & reinstalled. This time I didn’t got “Unlimited Rights” popup? And no malware detection.