False Positive

Installing the toolbar from here will throw up a few detections by CIS, can you please check it? Thanks!

Hi Netguy101,

The sample you have reported as false-positive
is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <6.2.282872.2847> with database version 16677.

Please make sure the Antivirus Database is updated and check again.
If detection is still present, please submit the file with screenshot on Comodo forums at https://forums.comodo.com/false_positivenegative_reporting_is_this_a_malware_that_cis_hasnot_detected-b154.0/ along with details about the environment on which this event occurred.


Detected when running the installer.


This is PUP.

No it is detected as Suspicious by CIS

And ? Each company has its own way when it comes to classification, sign name etc…It is indeed a PUP probably detected as suspicious++ by CIMA.

Upon further review of the file, I find it to be a PUP but not malware. So i’m am locking this topic.