False Positive

Hello, I would like to start by saying Im glad to be a part of the Comodo forums, from everything that I have seen so far it appears that everyone is very helpful. I am currently experiencing a false positive, I have already submitted the FP to Comodo and I was told that they did not see it and to take my issue to the forums. The product that is being blocked is Yontoo and the “Malware Name” Comodo is giving it is Malware@12zp84kih6j1a I am using Comodo Internet Security with the most current Virus definitions (DBV#11876) Here is a screenshot of the block that I am seeing.

Just to clarify I am a representative from Yontoo so I would like to clear this false positive up for all Comodo customers, not just on my computer. At Yontoo we take Antivirus compliance very serious and we would like to get this issue cleared up as soon as possible. Thanks for looking into this.

Hello nick.p,

Thank you for your submission. We have checked the files you have submitted to us and found them to be potentially unwanted applications. You can advice your users to add them to their “Exclusions” list if they further desire to use these application.

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Thank you for the prompt reply. What is Comodos definition of potentially unwanted application? At Yontoo we maintain a high standard of compliance and make products that are easy and convenient to use. This shows in our user base, because of this we have over 21million downloads with 8million active users as we speak. I do not feel Yontoo is potentially unwanted.
To maintain user satisfaction we prioritize Antivirus compliance this is something we feel very strongly about. It is very important for us to have the approval of all major Antivirus vendors. I would like more information on Comodos “Potentially Unwanted Application” classification because this is not something we wish to be on.

Thank you for taking this mater seriously and looking into it,

Again Antivirus compliance is very important to us, please if you could be so kind to as to inform me more on Comodos “Potentially Unwanted” classification and what Yontoo can do better, in order to not be Comodos definition of unwanted.

ApplicUnwnt - Unwanted programs which the user may not have wanted to install, but inadvertantly installed. (Ex: Adware programs, Joke programs, Dialer applications etc)

ApplicUnsaf - Applications that are legitimate, but have a history of being used as part of malware (or) has the potential to be used by a malicious user to harm the user. (Ex: Fake av programs, fraud tools, some irc clients,keyloggers, etc.)

Thank you for that response wasgij6.

FlorinG, I don’t see how Yontoo is categorized under any of those classifications. We offer a free version of our program which serves ads but we are not completely ad supported software. We offer a paid version of our programs as well. I don’t feel Yontoo has been given a fair evaluation. We are hardly “adware”, we offer a highly popular, safe, user friendly product. Because we offer a free ad supported version I don’t see this is a decent reason for Comodo to block us. If Comodo scans our product and finds that is devious, malicious or unsafe to its users in any way then surely I would understand why we are blocked. But I do not see the logic as to why we are currently blocked. There are plenty of ad-supported programs that Comodo allows, I do not see how Yontoo is any different. I would like re-evaluation of Yontoo and if Comodo still feels this way I would like to know what steps we can take to be removed from Comodos potentially unwanted list. But I strongly feel this is a false positive and a classifications. Again this is very important to us, we work hard to maintain a safe and compliant product which our users enjoy.

FlorinG if this is not the proper venue for this or it needs to be escalated please point me in the right direction.

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so what do you guys do other then serve advertisements and change the way web pages look? From what I have read, yontoo is installed a lot of the time adjacent with facebook apps, a lot of the time unknowingly by the customer.