false positive

The following file is incorrectly identified as a suspicious file:


The program is located at: Spam Bully – Email spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail in Vista and Windows Live Mail |

I have not yet tested, but would guess that these others also are wrongly identified as suspicious:




Thank you. I do not have a CIS number; I am a trial user of Comodo Anti-Virus (I am testing this for a SpamBully user who reported the false positive).


Hello Pat
Thanks for letting us know about that.
we will perform investigation and if it a FP, we will fix it soon.

Thank you! If possible can you post the results? I know it is a good file as I do tech support and testing for SpamBully. It is not being tagged as a virus; but just as suspicious. It would be nice if it could be added to your definitions so that it would not be flagged in the future. Again, thank you.

hello Pat.
We have checked the files from your link, at the moment they have safe signatures in our database.
may be your av-database is not up to date, please update it.
If this would repeat after the update, please upload the particular files that would be detected as malicious or suspicious, post the links here and we will try to fix it.


Thank you Alexey. I updated Comodo anti-virus and rescanned – no threats were found. Thanks again for looking into this.