false positive

Hi, I recently downloaded and installed CAVS latest beta. After an hour or so, CVAS discovered two trojan.downloader 's. I noticed these where false positives and tried to restore them. But I couldn’t get them out of quarantine.
(these files belonged to the ATI driver)

Together with avast, comodo used a lot of resources. I decided to keep avast, and delete comodo because it’s still a beta. (for now :p) But the two files where also deleted.

After that, I couldn’t play pc games anymore, the games kept crashing to desktop. I installed a new driver from my recoverydisk and everything works fine now. 88)

ps; I’ll wait for a new version (not a beta) to be released


TNX for the info, hillgar30.

Sorry you had a problem there. I just saw a post from a another user, that looked like CAVS id’d an ATI file as a malware; in that case I think it was allegedly a worm.

The more feedback users provide Comodo, the better they will be able to make their product. Thus, the more all of us users will benefit!


I also got a strange ati file, called “cli.aspect.devicecv.graphics.dashboard.resources.dll” (98K) and the av told it’s a “Email-Worm.MSIL.Leturn.a”. I don’t know, at that directory, only this file got small c first letter but the source don’t remind me to things we don’t like.

Hmm, are you using the latest 7.1 drivers for WinXP? i cant find that file anywhere (i scanned my entire drive) so that maybe something to look into… :s

EDIT: Oooops my bad :p, little bit of research turns it up to be legit. Ignore my ramblings… hehe

SECOND EDIT: http://www.fileproperties.com/c/cli.aspect.devicecv.graphics.dashboard.resources.dll.htm

lil bit of proof :wink:

uhum, I’m sorry I believe comodo said these files were worms too…
anyway, it was a false positive, so I hope you guys can get it fixed soon.