False positive, workaround please

I want to allow installation of a setup.exe file that has been erroneously flagged as malware by CIS. The exe-file has been altered in some way by the distributor (Giveawayoftheday) to prevent the software from being installed outside a certain timeframe.

This is what Giveawayoftheday wrote to me:
"Neither Security Essentials in my VM nor Bitdefender in win7 can find a problem with it.
It is possible your security software is triggering on the GOTD setup & GFD files, since they are compacted & encrypted to prevent decompiling – decompiling would be a way of reverse engineering to get the actual setup file when the GOTD is over. Some mal-ware is also compacted/encrypted to prevent security software from recognizing it. Since the security software can’t see inside of the setup files, some security software just determines everything that’s compacted/encrypted is mal-ware.
Solution one might be to change your brand of security software.
Solution 2 might be to work around it – see the other threads dealing with this & similar topics. "

I could not find any threads though.

I tried Game Modus but that did not work.
Please help.

Steef Scheepers, Holland


Try disabling Comodo Antivirus and then locate the .exe wrongly getting detected (probably the packer as they said).
Then submit it to VirusTotal and post the report (url) in this topic.


Hi sagscheepers,

Thank you for reporting this.
Can you please submit the detected file to us, so we can check it.


Hi sagscheepers,

The sample you have submitted is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version <6.3.302093.2976> with database version 17943.
Please make sure the Antivirus database is updated and check again. If detection is still present, please submit along with details about the environment on which this event occurred.