False positive: Windows system files

latest updates as of 12/30/08 CAV reports the below as infected

NOD32 reports zero infections.

WinXP with Sp3 all latest updates.

C:\windows\system32\pxhpinst.exe, reported as trojanware.win32agent

C:\windows\support\support.cab\bitsadmin.exe, reported as backdoor.win32.bitfrose

Why don’t you guys make it so we can from Comodo eventlog, send you the message or have the file uploaded to you guys by a “right click, send to comodo”. The manual process is a PIA! :slight_smile:


A bit more information would help - please check out the following link. We would need to have this part, (for example, BACKDOOR.WIN32.XXXXX.XX (ID = XXXXXX) as well as the file as mentioned in the post.

How to report FPs and what information we will need from you.




The FP should be fixed in the last update. Check and let us know if there are any more issues. Thanks for reporting, much appreciated.