False positive submission website out of order


I inform you that your following form has been unusable for several weeks:

Indeed, the following message is always returned, including for files of less than 1 MB:
“Failed to download file: Please try again later”

It is therefore impossible to communicate false positive files.

For information I tried to send the file from two different computers (one under Windows 10 and the other under Windows 7). I also tried sending the file using chrome, internet explorer, and edge updated. Finally I try to send the file for almost a month.

Looking forward to your return

I remain available for any further information.

Hi AntonioElEspanol,

Can you provide us screens regarding the error please.

Best regards,

Good evening VladPe,

I have just done a new test on each computer, and now it works.
I guess the problem has been fixed.

Therefore I can not send you screenshots.

In addition, I found this afternoon on the forum the possibility to report false positives directly by email. Therefore in the future I would report them as well.

Thank you for your reply.