False positive on Toshiba Laptop

Am getting the following alert after installing the new free version (from the log ) :

04/22/2007 14:13:48: C:\PROGRA~1\TOSHIBA\TOSHIB~1\TOUCHP~1.DLL
Trojan horse was found in above file
Logged in user: xxxxxxxxxx
Active trojan horse was shut down. System now safe.

The file is touchpad_ONOFF.dll and it is called by TFncKy.exe.

Both files were run thru Jotti with nothing found.

I’ve disabled the startup of TFncKy.exe for the interim.

No phoning home or other unusual activity noted in my router or firewall logs.

Hi Falcon

You can always put that on the exclude list until we know why this is the case.
I have the same file and BOClean but it doesn’t catch it. I wonder if your version is different.
would it be possible for you to PM that program to me pls for further analysis.


Will be happy to, but how do I attach the file to a PM ??

Start a reply and click on the “Additional Options” link under the text entry window.
Ewen :slight_smile:


(1) there is no existing provision in your PM page to upload an attacment

(2) .dll or .exe files are not on the permitted file upload list on the message reply page.

I’ve killed the process and excluded the two files mentioned.

Why not zip it, then upload it…

I’ll have our guys fix it overnight with a fix in the next update out the door … I see already what the problem is - memory def was called on a particular piece of code that shouldn’t have been used. Give us a little time, it’ll be fixed …

Thanks Kevin - and I should have thunk of Zipping it - but a clean bill from Jotti “usuallY” has meant a FP in the past.

Thanks for the fix !