False Positive of http://www.yac.mx/ by comodo

Hi Sir/Madam

My name is Moe, Product Manager from Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) team.

Currently, our website:http://www.yac.mx/ has been flagged by Comodo Site Inspector.

Since Comodo is a leading provider of security solutions to consumers and businesses, who makes great contribution in anti-virus industry, it is unexpected to receive these flag, and we seriously want to solve this.

For the flagged site,it is our website for Yet Another Cleaner and really does no harm to any of the users.

Please kindly help us to remove this alert or share us some clues or suggestions to solve this issue.

Since we have lost thousands of new users as well as active users these days, and it would great helpful if we can get your response asap.

Here are also some brief introduction about YAC: YAC is an cleaner software developed by Elex do brazil in 2013 May. Currently, we have achieved tons of good comments from YAC users, we’re making YAC better and better with all our efforts and our users’ supports.We also keep top3 download record on Cnet, softonic, Baixaki, and other big download site around the world.

Thanks in advance!

YAC Team

Hello mukaka,

Thank you for your submission, we’ll verify this.

Best regards,


I had read this, this might be important for your analysis FlorinG?

Dear Mukaka please tell the “YAC Team” to stop coming here (and in other AV forums) to report false positives for your ■■■■ product, because “Elex do Brasil” are fraudsters trying to make money and are stealing MALWAREBYTES database. It’s a shameful way of doing bussines from you guys to come in almost all Antivirus Forums to report false positives when it’s already proven that “Yet Another Cleaner” is a ROGUE Software.

The iSafe executable gets flagged by 10 scanners at Virus Total. Detections vary from adware, to potentially unwanted, suspicious to trojan like behaviour (from generic signatures). The latter detections may be a bit too generic for their own good.

It is most likely an adware or potentially unwanted program.

Hi FlorinG

We wonder is there any update on your side now?

For the points other people concerned,we would like to clarrify as belows:

First of all, the dispute with Malwarebytes is an issue only between "ELEX do Brasil"and “Malwarebytes” without being in relationship with other antivirus indeed.And it’s a fact that both of these two products do no harm to any of the users.

Secondly,this matter is in the argue process and we will give an announcation in the near future. Before that, for the consideration of plenty of the current users, it is also recommended to respect their choice, right?

At last, as a leading antivirus vender,we believe that Comodo will strictly follow your own rules and will not be influenced by third-party affairs. We are willing to accept any test under Comodo standard.

Looking for your response.

Please don’t bump within 24 hrs. You will get a response in timely fashion like all other posts. In the odd case it would take longer than two days to get a reply you can post your f/p in Post here your unfixed FP’s (only after 2 days).

Can you tell me what the Comodo rules are in determining whether a file is malicious, f/p, unwanted, or harmless? Here at the forums we don’t know and I would love to learn.

There is no need to rush or otherwise try to influence the decision making by Comodo’s analysts.

The Comodo Analysts should not even take into consideration that kind of submission. Mukaka is submiting a ROGUE SOFTWARE as a false positive. Elex do Brasil stole Malwarebytes database. This is not a ethical way of doing business.

The fact that YAC stole MBAM database was proven true not only by Malwarebytes itself, but also by OPSWAT.

Stealing the database and engine from another vendor is more than enough proof that YAC is malware.

Elex do Brasil, the vendors of YAC, are sending their henchmen in all serious Antivirus Companys Forums to report the detection of YAC as a false positive. This is not ethical.

This site has been flagged as red by WOT. It seems to have a very suspicious rating, and devilbat66 seems to have put the final nails in their coffin.
I have done a tiny bit of searching.
Their website used to be virus-delete(. com of course) and hpHost has their new site listed for misleading marketing tactics. Virus-delete also has a red rating from WOT: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.virus-delete.com
It is also true that they stole MBAM’S database, and can be confirmed by many.
A malwaretips user also showed a screenshot showing him being redirected from a fake Java site to a YAC download. I would be careful, and wouldn’t trust.
Malwaretips thread:

I think no longer flagged by comodo, have only malwares bytes . you can check yahoo review for a real review not made by a competitor like MWB .