False Positive ? (Java Script)

I think this maybe a false positive.

CIS keeps poping up with a virus detected box saying it detected an unknown virus…It’s a Java Script file named jquery[1].js it also poped up with a jquery[2].js

CIS calls it ( Unclassified Malware@4239615 )

It comes up on a site I have no reason to think would have M-ware on it at all so it seems it is just bad code or CIS reading the file with heuristics and thinking the good or bad code is M-ware code.

Anyway I’ll try to send the file in later on tonight I thought I’d post it though incase others had the same thing poping up on them.

Just updating that I sent the file in a little bit ago. :comodo110:

Also from what I can tell the file comes up as jquery.js or jquery[#].js # meaning there is a 1,2,3,ect…This seems to be do to comodo blocking it under one name so IE or Java just uses a different name for the script it needs.

As far as I can tell that was the case.


Thanks for reporting. We found that it is False Postive and fixed it.

You can verify with our latest base version ‘959’.

Thanks and Regards,

Awesome…Good work it’s all better now stopped poping up right after updated to 959. :ilovecomodo:

I am not sure the problem was fixed since it only showed up on my computer AFTER the latest CIS updates.


This is the same false positive that is now preventing me from using my Wordpress blogs. Virus signature database 1005 started the problem. See the Wordpress thread for more details.

Hi turtletrax,

Can you please confirm this against latest database?


Hi Ramanan,

Everything is fine now, as I reported in the Wordpress thread. I am now at 1017. The problems seemed to be fixed starting with 1012.