False positive in IceTea 1.3

Hi to all. Today I got a false positive from Lavasoft Ad-Aware which said that Icetea was a Hoax.Win32Agent.
The strange thing was that when I submitted it to Virustotal, it gave me the very same result from COMODO Antivirus.

Is this really a FP?

Thanks in advance!

P/S: See results at https://www.virustotal.com/es/analisis/8f9bac5db4b7a1a864fa4d9b3874d17397083e2c4606b74c81ec92e082bfb86a-1253456753, http://virusscan.jotti.org/es/scanresult/f7fb6fda305d778ede6a0ac142c2a9ed66d6b763.

Comodo reports this as “unsafe”. This means that the application concerned isn’t exactly malware/virus or anything, but because of what it does (or the way it does it) it can pose a risk. Run it passed CIMA.