False Positive - HyperSpin.exe

Comodo firewall detects HyperSpin.exe as a known malware when it tries to access internet.

The behaviour of comodo firewall is not exactly wrong but HyperSpin.exe is not a malware at all.

I’ll explain: HyperSpin.exe itself does not have any internet features, if the software tries to connects to internet is because of a loaded .swf’s code running inside HyperSpin. A .swf can contain malicious code but it might try to use internet for legit reason. In my case I’m using a .swf that connects to OpenWeatherMap’s API to get current weather (I wrote it myself, so I know it’s ok lol).

Would it be possible to whitelist the application ONLY and ONLY when it tries to connects to known legit IP like weather’s APIs, YouTube and so on?

Thanks in advance

Hi dark13,

Can you send us the detected file?

Thanks and regards,

It seems I can’t attach the file here, here’s a dropbox link with HyperSpin.exe Dropbox - HyperSpin.zip - Simplify your life , thank you

Hi dark13,

Thank you for submitting the file, we’ll check it.

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